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Hunger Games Merchandise: Pocket Watch

Patrick Garde September 23, 2012 Merchandise Comments

If you collect Hunger Games merchandise, then you might want to consider adding these pocket watch.

Hunger Games Merchandise Pocket Watch

Hunger Games Merchandise Pocket Watch picture

The timepiece is available in two (2) designs:

Mockingjay Arrow

 picture picture

It features an antique gold chain necklace measuring 15.5” long. The diameter of the watch is measured at 1 7/8”. The watch includes a black carry satchel for safekeeping.

Mockingjay Fire

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It has a silver chain that is 15” long. The timepiece measures 1.25” in diameter and features a Mockingjay Fire design on the front. It also includes a carry satchel.

These Hunger Games merchandise are perfect gift for a Hunger Games fan. If you know someone who’s in love with Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, then you should put this in your list for that special occasion.

You can purchase the pocket watch on Amazon at $36 each.

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