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Francis Lawrence to Direct Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire

Patrick Garde April 23, 2012 News Comments
Francis Lawrence to Direct Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire

According to LA Times, Francis Lawrence will likely direct the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. Lawrence, a director whose films include I Am Legend and Water for Elephants, was offered the job last week.


Lionsgate, an independent studio, has already found a replacement for Gary Ross in just more than a week after Ross decided to leave the franchise. There were rumors that Ross and Lionsgate couldn’t agree to the terms and time of the sequel. Catching Fire is reportedly to hit theaters by November 2013.

Bennett Miller, an Oscar-nominated director for Moneyball and Capote, was also considered for the job. Unfortunately, this fall, Miller was supposed to begin shooting for a movie entitled Foxcatcher.

It’s hard not to compare Twilight and Hunger Games but Stephenie Meyer’s saga also brought in new director for each sequel of their movie. Yet, the results in the box-office didn’t falter, the fans and the people still went in lines to see the film.

Hopefully, with Lawrence in the helm, Lionsgate has found a director capable to capture all the elements needed in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

[via LA Times]

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