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Popular Casino Scenes in Movies

Patrick Garde December 2, 2013 News Comments
Popular Casino Scenes in Movies

Many movies highlight various settings that contribute to a director’s aim to incorporate excitement into the movie’s plot. One particular setting that does an excellent job of this is a casino. People attend casinos as they want to try to gamble with Lady Luck and hopefully win it big. This can add a great deal of excitement to any movie. On the other hand, seeing a player lose an entire fortunate at a casino gaming table also adds another element of drama to a movie. There have been many people movies over the years that have featured casinos. Casinos are also places people go to enjoy some glam which is always depicted in movies, despite many people nowadays opting for online casinos like

Blackjack is a common casino game found in many casino scenes. In the movie, Swingers, a popular scene involves doubling down. For many people who play blackjack this also proved to be useful information. Doubling down happens when a player believe they only need one more card to complete their hand. This leads to an increased bet as well as the chance for larger winnings. Rainman is another movie that features a popular casino scene. In this movie, a shady brother takes advantage of his brother who is an autistic savant. The autistic brother has a photographic memory which helps him to count cards.  The two head to the casino where the brother’s talents are used to make money.

The movie, 21, also contains many memorable casino scenes. This film follows the story of the MIT Blackjack Team who learned how to count cards. They went on to visit many casinos winning a lot of money using these skills. The film also shows their downfall as they eventually get caught. A funny take on blackjack occurs in the movie, Austin Powers. With scenes also occurring in casinos, this humorous depiction also shows card counting by the title character using his special powers.

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